Propane Supply Rich Square NC

Quaint is perhaps the best word to come to mind when describing Rich Square, NC. This small town (with an emphasis on “small”: only 780 residents according to 2019 data…though, ironically, it’s the hometown of Mills Darden, reportedly one of the largest humans to ever live) is just over three square-miles of homes and farms located in Northampton County. The just under 400 households likely enjoy what millions of other American households enjoy: barbecuing in the summer, snuggling in a warm house in the winter, taking hot showers, maybe sitting in front of a fireplace on cool autumn nights. 

Though residents back in the days of Mills Darden (1798 – 1857) were not privy to appliances available to the modern community, and not even to access to propane gas as an energy source, today’s Rich Square population has the option to utilize environmentally friendly and affordable propane gas to power its stoves, water heaters, grills, furnaces, fireplaces, and more. For those who have made the smart move to propane, some might be enjoying the propane services Rich Square, NC, of Diversified Energy. From homeowners to farmers, Diversified meets the residential and commercial needs of those who rely on propane energy for their daily living.

Propane Services

While propane delivery is among its main services, there’s more to Diversified Energy than just having a propane truck pull up to your home when you need gas.

Other major services handled by Diversified include:

  • Gas line layout and installations (new construction and existing structures)
  • Storage tank sales and leasing
  • Storage tank delivery and installation (above- and underground)
  • 24/7 emergency response to gas leaks

In keeping with its dedication to customer satisfaction, Diversified has an automatic “watchdog” propane delivery system, so propane usage is monitored by the company rather than the customer, and propane is delivered when needed. Also, there are pricing options like lock pricing, where customers pay a predetermined amount per month so budgeting is easy, and cap pricing, where customers can pay a set monthly amount that offsets when prices are at their highest (as the cost of propane fluctuates throughout the year).

There’s also Online Bill Pay, so payments can be made with the click of a mouse.

The company also sells, delivers, installs, repairs, and maintains various gas appliances and products from well-known brands in their respective industries.

Propane Products

What do you get when you join a major player in the propane retail industry with top propane products? You get knowledgeable technicians and the highest quality products that will bring comfort and functionality to your home.

From gas fireplaces and grills to stoves and water heaters, Diversified partners with leading manufacturers, so you get the best in both performance and service as well as satisfaction. If you’re all in on propane as your main energy source—and why wouldn’t you be?—you can get products to heat your home, provide supplemental heat, cook, wash your clothes and dishes, take showers, and grill burgers in the backyard.

Some propane gas products that Diversified Energy offers include tankless water heaters, fireplace inserts, stoves, grills, and even outdoor lighting.

These are the leading brands that Diversified partners with to install and maintain their products:

  • Astria 
  • Hearthstone
  • Kozy Heat
  • Majestic
  • Wilmington Grill
  • Broilmaster
  • Bradford-White
  • Napoleon
  • Rinnai

Contact Diversified Energy – Rich Square

The Rich Square, NC, Diversified Energy office can be reached at 252-539-2850. The fax number is 252-539-2127. The toll-free number is 800-423-5556. The office is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and is closed Saturday and Sunday.

Area Served

Located in the center of Rich Square, this Diversified Energy office serves these other towns in Northampton County: Conway, Lasker, Kelford, Milwaukee, Jackson, Woodland, Halifax, Scotland Neck, Murfreesboro, and Potecasi.


This office/showroom is found at 136 Main Street, Rich Square, NC 27869. 

About Diversified Energy

In 2000, 19 of North Carolina’s Electric Membership Cooperatives joined to formulate alternative energy sources for consumers while maintaining top customer service. Diversified Energy emerged from this event and has since provided propane services throughout the state, growing to become the 31st largest retailer in the country and extending its services to more than 25,000 customers.

Community- and customer service-oriented, Diversified today consists of eight NC offices and a location in Mount Joy, PA. They bring their delivery/installation/maintenance services to parts of SC and VA as well.

Small towns like Rich Square can continue to benefit from the broad services and large commitment to customer satisfaction that Diversified Energy is known to bring to all its propane users. Contact us today to learn more.