Propane Storage Tanks Rich Square NC

With fewer than a thousand residents calling Rich Square, NC home, you might know of someone who uses propane to power their appliances, grills, and fireplaces. Chances are you’ve driven by houses and seen propane storage tanks nestled beside homes. Maybe you’ve long been considering turning to propane, known for its environmental safety and agreeable cost.

If you’ve made the decision to move forward, then you’re going to be one of those homes with a propane storage tank in your yard, perhaps supplied by Diversified Energy!

Let’s take a close look at propane storage tanks in Rich Square NC, to find out what configurations are available, what needs to be considered when installing propane tanks, as well as propane delivery in Rich Square, NC, and propane supply Rich Square, NC options.

Diversified Energy Propane Services

Choosing a propane supply company is among the first things you’ll need to do when making propane your main energy source.

Diversified Energy, a North Carolina-based retailer also covering areas in South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania doesn’t only sell a variety of propane tank sizes. They also make propane deliveries, install and repair propane gas lines, respond to emergencies such as propane gas leaks, and install and maintain propane gas products such as fireplace inserts, grills, stoves, and tankless water heaters.

Diversified prides itself on its “watchdog” propane delivery Rich Square, NC, service. They take the worry out of monitoring your propane usage yourself and calling when your tank needs to be filled. Diversified does the monitoring, and THEY come to YOU when your tank reaches a certain level. You never run out of this precious commodity. So, if you use propane for a backup generator or to power a stove or fireplace to use for heat during a power outage, it’s comforting to know that you have all the propane you need during these critical times.

Customers of Diversified can also rest easy knowing that their propane supply company is available 24/7 in the event of gas leaks. 

In addition to automatic delivery and emergency services, Diversified makes life easier for its customers with auto-draft payment options, leak testing, and the securing of permits when involved in the installation of propane gas lines and products during new construction. Showrooms around North Carolina, as well as in Mount Joy, PA, display the products sold, installed, and maintained by Diversified Energy. Diversified partners with leaders in the field to bring these top products to their consumers; recognizable names include Hearthstone, Kozy Heat, Rinnai, and Bradford White.

Finally, you can turn to Diversified Energy for propane use ideas. From layout to maintenance, Diversified is there to help you utilize the maximum benefits of propane use for your particular needs.

Propane Tank Sizes Offered

Unlike natural gas, propane is stored at your location in a tank. Diversified has a variety of propane tank sizes that are sure to meet your demand.

The company sells the following tank sizes and configurations:

  • 120-gallon: for basic propane uses, such as cooking and space heating. Vertical or horizontal
  • 250-gallon: most used for heating smaller homes or powering back-up heating sources. Horizontal only
  • 330-gallon: to power main and back-up heating sources for medium-sized homes. Horizontal only
  • 500-gallon: heating large homes and supplying gas to multiple propane appliances. Horizontal only
  • 1,000-gallon: very large home heating and multiple appliance usage; commercial uses such as dry cleaning, crop drying, and cooking equipment. Horizontal only

Each size is meant to provide a 30-day supply of propane. For instance, the 330-gallon would be ideal for homes using between 200 and 400 gallons of propane per month.

All sizes are available for purchase.

Requirements for Propane Tank Installation

All tank sizes, with the exception of the 120-gallon model, must be set at least 10 feet off the building; the 120-gallon tank can be put right beside a home or business. Storage placement must allow for delivery truck access to within 100 feet of the tank.

Underground versions are available for all tank sizes if you’d rather have your tank out of sight for aesthetic purposes. Note that it is important to have a licensed contractor install an underground propane storage tank. Diversified Energy has such licensed professionals. By using professionals, you are assured of safety code and regulations adherence.

Contact Diversified Energy

The Rich Square, NC, Diversified Energy showroom/office is located at 136 Main Street. You can reach the office at 252-539-2850 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office is closed on weekends.

In addition to Rich Square, of course, this location serves Conway, Halifax, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Lasker, Potecasi, Milwaukee, Kelford, Scotland Neck, and Woodland.

About Diversified Energy

For more than 20 years, Diversified Energy—the result of 19 of North Carolina’s Electric Membership Cooperatives joining forces to provide alternative energy options to NC residents—has brought propane delivery, repair, and installation services to all parts of NC as well as SC and VA. A Mount Joy, PA, office brings the company’s expertise to areas of PA.

Today, the propane company—the 31st largest in the U.S.—services more than 25,000 customers. Perhaps one day all of the roughly 1,000 inhabitants of Rich Square will turn to propane and rely on Diversified Energy to meet all of their gas needs.