Online Bill Pay

Diversified Energy customers: toss the checkbook! You’ll be pleased to know that your chosen propane retailer offers the convenience to pay your gas bill online.

With Online Bill Pay, you’ll need to do nothing more than log onto your Diversified Energy account, and voila! With just a click of the mouse, you’re paid up. This system also allows you to have payments auto-drafted from your chosen bank account. As always, Diversified is looking out for you, the customer—the company’s most valued asset—and making paying your bills 100% hassle-free.

Using Fuel Distribution System (FDS) fuel management software, Diversified is able to offer Online Bill Pay services as well as email or text billing statements to customers, create efficient delivery routes, a smartphone app for instant access to customer information, and customer tracking to ensure prompt propane delivery as needed.

Read on to review the many benefits of Online Bill Pay with Diversified Energy and find out why, along with 24-hour emergency service and automatic propane delivery, this leading East Coast propane retailer continues to make its 25,000+ customers happy with their choice of propane delivery companies.

person paying bill online

What is Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay is exactly what the name reflects: rather than writing out and mailing in a check or paying by phone, all you need is a computer or smartphone and a Diversified Energy account, and paying your propane delivery or repair bill is a snap.

So: you’re on the computer checking your email or scrolling through your Facebook feed and realize, “Hey, Diversified Energy made my propane delivery today” (without you even having to call, of course, if you’re a part of Diversified’s convenient Automatic Watchdog Delivery system).

You simply need to select your service location, log into your account, and with one click, you’re paid. It takes just seconds and gives you peace of mind that the bill has been taken care of.

Why You Should Sign Up

Let’s face it, life is hectic. A full-time job, grocery shopping, yard work, kids’ sports games, social plans with friends…who really wants to carve out time to sit down with a checkbook and a stack of bills?

The biggest reason to choose to pay your gas bill online is that it just makes one aspect of your life simple. Among the many benefits of Online Bill Pay, this is perhaps the biggest: you’ve paid the bill in seconds and have more time to spend doing the things you REALLY want to do, like maybe relaxing in front of your propane fireplace or cooking outside on your propane grill.

Or—and it happens to even the most responsible among us—maybe paying the bill has slipped your mind. You THOUGHT you paid it but turns out you didn’t. You likely have a lot of other bills to pay: the mortgage, credit cards, the electric bill, cable, cell phone bill…it’s not uncommon to overlook a bill here or there some times. As we all know, missed payments can lead to accrued late fees. The only way to avoid these fees, of course, is to pay the bill in the proper timeframe.

With Online Bill Pay, you can pay your bill immediately instead of waiting to get an invoice in the mail. And the thing about it is, it takes just seconds to sign up, so you won’t even spend much time there, either. All you need is your Customer ID, your Account Number, and an email address. Follow the link, create a username and password, and you’re registered.

About Diversified Energy

Since the start of the new millennium, Diversified Energy has grown to be the 31st largest retail propane company in the United States. Based in North Carolina, Diversified services customers throughout the state as well as parts of PA (from its Mount Joy location), SC, and VA. The company has a total of eight offices throughout NC, including Dunn, Greensboro, and Wake Forest.

Diversified is about more than propane delivery. Services include gas line installation; storage tank leasing and installation (above- and underground); product sales and installation of propane fireplaces, grills, stoves, and water heaters; and emergency response for gas leaks and other issues.

First and foremost, at Diversified Energy, we pride ourselves on customer service. In addition to Online Bill Pay options, we offer a computerized, automatic “watchdog” delivery, GPS-dispatched trucks for faster service, and technicians who are experts in areas of layout, repairs, and installations.

Each of our service center locations also contains a showroom, where products from leading manufacturers such as Kozy Heat, Green Mountain, Hearthstone, and Rinnai are on display, so you can come in and see these products in action and ask knowledgeable sales representatives any questions you might have before choosing your next fireplace, stove, or other gas-powered appliance.
For convenience, professionalism, safety, and satisfaction make Diversified Energy your propane company of choice.