Propane Supply in Mount Joy

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Closed Saturday & Sunday. Contact Us (717) 492-1880

When the season is right, do you enjoy grilling out in the backyard of your Mount Joy, PA, home? On cold winter nights in PA, isn’t it nice to settle in front of a gas fireplace? Do you have a backup generator for those times when harsh PA winter weather steals your power? If you and your 7,000+ fellow Mount Joy residents are looking for propane gas to heat your grills, power your generators, and light your fireplaces, then you will not find better propane services in Mount Joy, PA, than those offered by Diversified Energy. 

Early Irish settlers, who came on among others an Irish supply ship named the Mountjoy for which the town was named, were not lucky enough to have Diversified Energy and propane-powered appliances for a comfortable life in the region, but you and your neighbors are fortunate enough to count on Diversified Energy today. The company brings to this small town of PA and surrounding areas its knowledge, dependability, and top customer service that it’s known for in its origin state of North Carolina, where it operates eight offices/showrooms. From meeting the propane needs of homeowners to providing propane for agricultural equipment in Lancaster County, Diversified is there for residential and commercial customers in the Mount Joy/Manheim area.



Diversified Energy is about more than propane supply in Mount Joy, PA.

Yes, the company delivers the propane you need to operate your grill, stove, fireplace, generator, and water heater, and does so without you even having to call and schedule with its automatic “watchdog” delivery system, which brings you your supply before you run too low. Why monitor usage yourself and call for a delivery when Diversified can handle it all for you?

Gas line installations, above- and underground storage tank leasing and installation, 24-hour emergency response to gas leaks, maintenance and repairs of propane equipment, and installation of various propane appliances by the top manufacturers in the field are other services you can enjoy when you sign on with Diversified Energy.

In addition, Diversified works with you when it comes to paying for gas and services. Prefer a lock price option that allows you to pay a predetermined monthly amount so there are no surprises? Or how about a cap price option, where you pay a set amount for times when propane gas prices are at their highest? Whatever works best for you works best for Diversified.



Whether you want to add a gas stove to your family room as a heating alternative or are interested in a propane tankless on-demand water heater system, Diversified Energy has what you’re looking for.

The company works with leading manufacturers of gas fireplaces, stoves, grills, water heaters, stoves, and even outdoor lighting, so you can rely on Diversified to be there from purchase and installation to maintenance and, if needed, repairs. Other gas products and ideas for propane use you might be interested in include pool heaters, specialty cookers like fryers or smokers; furnace inserts; outdoor kitchens; and cooktops and ovens.

What’s more, some products are on display in Diversified Energy’s Mount Joy and other showrooms, so you can stop in and ask questions and see the product in operation.

So, who does Diversified Energy partner with? Here are some leading brands:

  • Astria Fireplaces
  • Hearthstone
  • Kozy Heat
  • Majestic
  • Wilmington Grill
  • Broilmaster
  • Bradford-White
  • Napoleon
  • Rinnai


You can reach the Mount Joy, PA, Diversified Energy office by calling 717-492-1880. The fax number is 717-492-1815. The toll-free Diversified Energy number is 800-888-7515.


Area Served

Actually, the Mount Joy, PA, location is found closer to Manheim than Mount Joy itself. The office serves Lancaster County, which includes the towns of Mt. Joy, Manheim, Elizabethtown, Lancaster, Lititz, Millersville, Intercourse, Quarryville, and Strasburg, in addition to Mount Joy and Manheim.



The physical address of Diversified Energy in PA is 955 West Main Street, Suite 1, Mount Joy, PA 17552. It is on the corner of West Main Street and Apple Alley. The sign says The Fireplace Depot & Propane Service, but you’re in the right place: it’s owned and operated by Diversified.


About Diversified Energy

Established in 2000 to meet the demand of customer service and provide alternative energy sources, Diversified Energy has grown into the 31st largest propane retailer in the United States. It services more than 25,000 customers in North Carolina and Pennsylvania; it’s NC locations also serve parts of Virginia and South Carolina.

Specializing in the delivery of propane gas for residential and commercial customers, Diversified Energy’s business encompasses other areas, such as new and existing home installation of gas lines and products, sales/leasing/installation of up to 1,000-gallon propane storage tanks, and quick response to gas leaks.

With customer service as its #1 priority, Diversified Energy makes a strong case to be the best propane supply Mount Joy, PA, and propane services Mount Joy, PA company available to residents and business owners in Lancaster County.