Propane Storage Tanks in Mount Joy

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You’re a Mount Joy, PA resident who has made the decision to rely on propane for many of your energy needs. Congratulations! You’re on the road to saving money on your energy bill and using a clean and environmentally safe gas to power your grill, fireplace, and maybe even your water heater and/or generator.
You’ve even found the company you are going to depend on for propane delivery Mount Joy, PA (and if you haven’t, you’ll find Diversified Energy to be a company you can rely on!). What now?
You’ll of course need a tank to store your propane in. You’re in luck! Diversified Energy sells propane storage tanks in Mount Joy, PA. There’s a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of small to large homes and various levels of usage.
With the Mount Joy location being the only PA office operated by North Carolina-based Diversified Energy, you live in the right area to benefit from the expertise and customer service orientation of this leading East Coat propane supplier.
So, let’s find out what Diversified has to offer in the way of propane storage tanks and propane supply Mount Joy, PA, as you get ready to transition your energy source to propane gas and enjoy all of the benefits this decision entails.

Diversified Energy Propane Services

Before exploring information about storage tank sizes and other storage tank topics, let’s take a closer look at the services you can take advantage of as a customer of Diversified Energy.
Wouldn’t it be nice if, as a propane user, you wouldn’t need to monitor your usage and call in every time you need a propane delivery? Well, as a Diversified Energy customer, you don’t have to! Diversified offers an automatic “watchdog” delivery option wherein your usage is monitored, and the company automatically delivers your propane before you run out. Definitely a great advantage if, say, you rely on propane to power your backup generator or secondary heat source!
Have a gas leak? Diversified is on the job with 24/7 emergency response for just such a situation.
Payment is easy with Diversified Energy, too. You can choose cap pricing, which allows you to secure propane at a lower price in the offseason prior to typical price rises, or a lock price option that locks you into lower rates for six months.
Other propane supply Mount Joy, PA services you can count on from Diversified Energy include:

  • Auto-draft payment option
  • Leak testing and pressure adjustment
  • New gas line layout and installation
  • Storage tank installation and maintenance
  • Application and security of new building or remodeling permits
  • Sales/installation of gas products such as fireplace inserts, stoves, and tankless water heaters from leading manufacturers

Tank Sizes Offered

Propane storage tanks are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Usage, home size, and installation requirements will affect the size of the tank you can obtain.
Have a smaller home and expect limited propane usage? Then likely Diversified’s 120-gallon tank, the only size tank available in either vertical or horizontal configurations, will be enough for you. Or maybe you have a small or medium-sized home and are looking at moderate usage. Then, you would do best with a 250-gallon propane storage tank, or perhaps the 330-gallon tank.
Diversified Energy can also meet the storage tank needs of large homes with various gas appliances using propane or commercial establishments, such as those using dry cleaning or crop drying equipment. For these cases, there’s the 500- or 1,000-gallon models.
Each size is suitable for a 30-day supply of propane.
Leasing or sales options are available for all tank sizes.

Requirements for Installation

Once you’ve purchased your storage tank, it’s essential to understand the installation requirements regarding these units.
For instance, a 120-gallon tank can be set beside a home or other structure, while all other tank sizes must be situated at least 10 feet from a home or building.
It is required that a tank be installed in a location that is accessible by propane delivery vehicles (up to 100 feet). Tanks must be away from all incoming and outgoing traffic, so they cannot be installed in a driveway.
Rest assured that Diversified Energy technicians who install your above- or underground storage tank are trained in and knowledgeable of safety codes and precautions applicable in Mount Joy, PA. It is strongly recommended that professionals are used for propane storage tank installation, especially for those installed underground.


You might have questions regarding propane storage tanks Mount Joy, PA, or any other propane delivery or supply concerns; if so, you can reach the Mount Joy office at 717-492-1880 or drop by at 955 West Main Street, Suite 1 (the sign says The Fireplace Depot & Propane Service, but don’t worry, you’re in the right place).
The office is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; it is closed on weekends.

About Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy began operations in 2000 after 19 of North Carolina’s Electric Membership Cooperatives joined together to begin offering alternative energy options to customers in the state. The company operates eight offices throughout North Carolina and brought its top-rated customer service, propane expertise, and representation of leading manufacturers to Mount Joy, PA, where it serves Lancaster County, including the towns of Manheim, Millersville, Intercourse, and Quarryville.
More than 25,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong! Nor can the company’s 31st place on the list of largest propane retailers in the country.
Mount Joy residents: Join a propane supply and delivery winner, choose the storage tank that best meets your requirements, and start enjoying life as a propane consumer and Diversified Energy customer.