Propane Supply in Ahoskie, NC

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Closed Saturday & Sunday. Contact Us (252)-332-3330

Are you one of the nearly 5,500 residents lucky enough to call Ahoskie, NC, home? If so, you know about the historical roots of this town, with nine districts and buildings named to the National Register of Historic Places; the fact that it was named by Wyanoke Indians in the early days of European settlement; and that it’s home to Roanoke-Chowan Community College and the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald newspaper. What you might not know is that Ahoskie is home to one of eight NC offices for Diversified Energy, a leading East Coast propane supplier! 

So, if you’re interested in propane services in Ahoskie, NC, you have the top experts right at hand. Let’s explore more details about this propane supply Ahoskie, NC, company and find out why it’s your best option if you’re contemplating the use of propane for cooking, heating, or other needs.


When you make propane gas your source to power your heating system, stove, grill, and even water heater, pool heater, and generator, then you can count on Diversified Energy as your go-to for propane supply Ahoskie, NC.

What makes Diversified Energy stand out? For starters, its customer service is top rate. Couple that with quality products and knowledgeable technicians and sales personnel, and you know you’re getting the best when it comes to propane service in Ahoskie, NC.

Ahoskie, NC residents are fortunate to be able to rely on Diversified Energy for propane product installations, deliveries, repairs, maintenance, and 24-hour response to leaks and other emergencies.

Key elements of Diversified Energy that result in satisfied customers include:

  • An Automatic Watchdog Propane Delivery System that utilizes a computerized system to automatically deliver your propane, so you never run too low—or out altogether—and that frees you from having to monitor your monthly usage
  • Constant monitoring of rises and dips in propane costs to ensure competitive pricing
  • Payment options that allow you to save money, such as cap price (where you pay at an amount for times when propane prices are highest) and lock price (where you pay a set price over a determined amount of time, perfect for budgeting)
  • Installation of gas lines and storage tanks (above- or underground)
  • Partnerships with leading manufacturers of a variety of gas products, so you get the best in value, efficiency, and durability

Diversified Energy works with residential and commercial clients, so if you’re an Ahoskie NC business owner, the company can serve both your home and your business and meet all your propane demands.


From grills to water heaters, Diversified brings you top gas products to heat your home, your food, and your water. From gas furnaces and alternative heating sources such as gas fireplaces and stoves to tankless on-demand water heater systems, the diverse product lines that Diversified offers allow you to use propane as your sole energy source if you so choose.

Take a warm bath in water heated by a Bradford White propane gas water heater. Relax in the glowing ambience and comforting warmth of a Majestic propane gas fireplace. Gather around a Napoleon propane gas stove to keep warm during a power outage when you’ve lost power to your main heating system. Invite friends and family over for a summer backyard barbecue and prepare juicy burgers, steaks, or any other food of choice on your propane Broilmaster grill.

Whatever propane product you choose, rest assured that Diversified is there for its installation and maintenance. Got questions or want to see a demonstration of an appliance before purchasing? Just stop by Diversified Energy’s Ahoskie, NC showroom and check out a display.

Other leading brands that Diversified is proud to work with include:

  • Kozy Heat
  • Rinnai
  • Hearthstone
  • Astria
  • Regency
  • Monessen
  • Wilmington Grill
  • Green Mountain Grill


The Diversified Energy propane Ahoskie, NC office can be reached at 252-332-3330. Their fax number is 252-332-3323.

Area Served

In addition to Ahoskie, NC, residents, those who live in the following areas can enjoy all of the services and products offered by this Diversified Energy location: Askewville, Aulander, Cofield, Colerain, Hamilton, Harrellsville, Murfreesboro, Plymouth, Powellsville, Quitsna, Winton, and Woodland.


Diversified Energy in Ahoskie is located at 1525 US Hwy 13 South, Ahoskie, NC  27910. 

About Diversified Energy

The result of 19 Electric Membership Cooperatives in North Carolina coming together to create an alternate energy company, Diversified Energy began operations in 2000. It has since grown to become the 31st largest propane retailer in the U.S., serving more than 25,000 customers throughout NC as well as parts of PA, SC, and VA.

From the delivery of propane gas to sales and leasing of storage tanks for small, medium, and large homes as well as commercial operations, Diversified does it all when it comes to propane Ahoskie NC, as well as its seven other NC locations (including Greensboro, Wake Forest, and Wilmington) and Mount Joy, PA, office.

A main focus on customer service. Local community involvement. The delivery of an energy source that leaves almost no carbon footprint and is safe and affordable. An office right in town. As an Ahoskie resident, there’s really no reason NOT to make Diversified Energy your propane retailer of choice.