Throughout our expanding service area; hundreds of restaurant owners and managers rely on Diversified Energy to supply propane gas for their operations. From National Chains to the Favorite Local Diner, propane gas is often the energy source of choice.

cooking with gas in kitchen

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  • Fryers
  • Steam Tables & Warmers
  • Cook Tops & Ovens
  • Commercial Water Heaters (Sales)
  • Gas Furnaces & Space Heating
  • Installation, Service, & Delivery

As you can see…when it comes to powering the necessary equipment to operate a successful restaurant; propane gas is the versatile fuel that gets the job done.
Diversified Energy provides 24-hour emergency service to ensure that our important restaurant customers remain operational. Competitive rates & local responsive service is what sets Diversified Energy apart from other suppliers. Give us a call for a free gas system analysis and quote for comprehensive gas delivery and service.

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