Auto Gas & Fork Lifts

Propane auto gas just may be the largest growth segment of our industry over the next decade. Truck and car manufactures have new propane models available that are getting strong performance reviews. This technology is not new…as Europe has utilized clean efficient propane in automobiles for over 30 years. The recent efficiency improvements coupled with the low carbon emissions has created a demand in the U.S. as well. Warehouse operators prefer propane gas engines for forklift operation for both economic and air quality enhancement.

  • 1/3 of Diversified Energy’s Fleet utilizes propane auto gas
  • The Service industry is converting fleets to propane auto gas
  • Electric Co-ops use propane auto gas
  • School buses and Shuttles
  • Class VII Trucks now available
  • Prinns conversions of Existing gasoline engines
  • Ford’s liquid injection propane auto gas available in F-Series models
  • Fork Lift Fuel Delivery – Cylinder fill or bulk delivery available


If you have a fleet of gasoline powered vehicles…converting to propane auto gas makes solid economic sense. Diversified Energy can assist in the conversion process, and set up on-site re-fueling stations upon request.

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