man reading a gas gauge

How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

According to recent information provided by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), 50 million households in America use propane for cooking, heating, and more! That’s certainly a lot of propane storage tanks with a propane tank gauge that needs monitoring! So, how... Read more

technician working on hot water heater

Why You Should Choose Diversified Energy as Your Trusted Propane Supplier

Your search for a residential propane supplier ends here! Look no further than Diversified Energy to cover all your propane needs, from reliable propane delivery to a long list of propane use ideas that save you money, fill your home... Read more

tankless hot water

How Efficient are Tankless Water Heaters?

Being in hot water might mean that you’re in trouble, but not so when it comes to bathing or washing dishes; “in hot water” is exactly where you want to be! That might not always be so when you have... Read more

pizza on grill

Celebrate National Pizza Day on Your Propane Grill This Year!

It’s February, so to all you lovers out there, Happy…National Pizza Day? Before you get to February’s most popular Valentine’s Day, February 9th marks National Pizza Day. If you love pizza like so many do (an estimated 350 slices of... Read more

a comfortable gas fireplace

How To Know When to Replace Your Propane Fireplace Logs?

Propane can do a lot for you! If you have propane gas logs, you know how enjoyable it can be to fire them up and enjoy the warmth and glow on a cold night. Or, you already know how reliable... Read more

Beautiful living room with a gas fireplace

Key Differences between Vented and Unvented Fireplaces

What you know about your propane fireplace or the propane fireplace you might be thinking about installing is this: it’s great to fire up on a cold night and sit around with the family to watch movies, and it’s a... Read more

Beautiful winterized kitchen by Diversified energy

Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Kitchen

From July 4th barbecues to weekend pool parties, you undoubtedly know how to use your outdoor kitchen during the summer months to entertain family and friends, but do you know how to protect that outdoor kitchen in winter? If you... Read more

Delicious food in a fryer - Canva Free

Why a Cajun Fryer is a Great Addition to Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re like 75% of U.S. homeowners, you have a propane grill in your backyard, and chances are great that you’ve prepared various types of food on that grill, maybe even tried some vegetarian recipes! But let’s face it, some... Read more

A hurricane can knock your power out for weeks at a time!

Nervous about Hurricane Season and Your Impending Power Outages? Consider a Propane Fueled Generator as a Back-up Energy Source

It’s officially summer! Time for barbecues, beaches, suntanning, swimming pools…and hurricanes? Yes, hurricanes are, like bees and ants, unwelcome visitors come the summer months. In fact, the height of the hurricane season is between July and September, so there’s an... Read more

Amazing looking veggies grilled to perfection for a vegetarian grill recipe

Looking to use your grill for Vegetarian-friendly meals? We’ve got you covered! Check out these meatless grill adventures!

You’ve decided to go vegan or vegetarian…but you’re afraid that means no more delicious summer barbecue meals. Not true! There’s a lot of vegetarian grill options you can choose from. We’ve laid out here the best vegetarian grill recipes to... Read more