Tankless Water Heater being adjusted

How Does an Endless Water Heater Work?

If you’ve ever heard of tankless propane water heaters, you probably think that the technology is magical since it almost seems too good to be true! But in reality, the science behind them is much less complex than you would... Read more

Propane gas refill

Diversified Doesn’t Only Specialize in Residential Propane, Check out These Commercial Propane Uses!

You may have yet to learn, but homes are not the only structures that use propane as an energy source. Often considered a primary means to heat the grill, propane has several uses in the commercial sector.  Commercial Propane Use... Read more

Propane gas refill

How Propane Works to Fuel More than Just Your Home!

When you fire up the grill for a barbecue or light your propane fireplace for a cozy evening at home, you likely don’t even consider that some of the appliances inside and outside your home are powered by propane. But... Read more

Turning a propane tank gauge

Propane Leak Symptoms You Should Look Out For in Your Home or Business

While propane is among the safest and cleanest gases you can use, it’s still a concern whenever there’s a propane leak. The possibility of a fire, an explosion, and physical reactions to the gas are among the primary issues concerning... Read more

outdoor propane fireplace, surrounded by patio furniture on a patio

How Does a Propane Fireplace Work?

Of all the possible propane use ideas, fueling a fireplace or a propane fireplace insert to have a supplemental home heating source is one of the top things a homeowner might consider. Propane fireplaces come in various models, designs, and... Read more

man reading a gas gauge

How to Read a Propane Tank Gauge

According to recent information provided by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), 50 million households in America use propane for cooking, heating, and more! That’s certainly a lot of propane storage tanks with a propane tank gauge that needs monitoring! So, how... Read more

technician working on hot water heater

Why You Should Choose Diversified Energy as Your Trusted Propane Supplier

Your search for a residential propane supplier ends here! Look no further than Diversified Energy to cover all your propane needs, from reliable propane delivery to a long list of propane use ideas that save you money, fill your home... Read more

tankless hot water

How Efficient are Tankless Water Heaters?

Being in hot water might mean that you’re in trouble, but not so when it comes to bathing or washing dishes; “in hot water” is exactly where you want to be! That might not always be so when you have... Read more

pizza on grill

Celebrate National Pizza Day on Your Propane Grill This Year!

It’s February, so to all you lovers out there, Happy…National Pizza Day? Before you get to February’s most popular Valentine’s Day, February 9th marks National Pizza Day. If you love pizza like so many do (an estimated 350 slices of... Read more

a comfortable gas fireplace

How To Know When to Replace Your Propane Fireplace Logs?

Propane can do a lot for you! If you have propane gas logs, you know how enjoyable it can be to fire them up and enjoy the warmth and glow on a cold night. Or, you already know how reliable... Read more