Agricultural Propane

For over a century, propane gas has been used as an alternative fuel source to heat homes and businesses, fuel transportation vehicles both domestically and commercially, and has played a big role in the agricultural industry. Propane takes up very little space when stored as a liquid in pressurized tanks, providing significant amounts of usable energy.










Naturally colorless and odorless, an odorant is added as a safety measure to identify any seepage that may occur. Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) is often called the portable gas because it’s easy to store and the liquid instantly vaporizes into a gas to fuel everything from kitchen appliances to farm equipment.

Listed in the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane is considered a clean fuel. Propane gas leaves little ecological impact on the environment, and it is safe, abundant, and increasingly cost effective compared to other fuel types. It is utilized heavily within the agricultural industry to facilitate crop drying, hog/poultry house and barn heating,and tobacco curing. To keep America running, Diversified Energy offers metered transport delivery service so farms and agribusinesses can continue to run their operations smoothly.

Crop Drying

By using propane gas to dry their crops, farmers are wasting less energy and are lowering their costs. It also improves operational flexibility during harvest time. Propane powered crop dryers keep fungal and bacterial growth down ensuring more marketable crops. Additionally, propane fueled crop dryers are portable and readily accessible, particularly when working with Diversified Energy’s delivery drivers who provide farmers with the fuel they need when they need it.

Hog/Poultry House and Barn Heating

Before propane, farmers often used oil-fueled furnaces to heat their hog and poultry barns and houses, but these types of heating elements would break down and not be reliable. The marketability of hogs and poultry depends on the livestock surviving the winter, especially if they are raised in a particularly cold climate. Propane has become the dominant fuel for heating swine/poultry houses and barns because of its reliability and better performance.

Tobacco Curing

Since the early 1970s, nearly all of the tobacco-curing barns have been equipped with propane. Though propane use is prevalent, some tobacco producers are being asked to retrofit all flue-curing barns to indirect mixing by passing combustion gases to take place outside the barn with the heat passing through the system back into the barn and turning into hot water or steam. Because propane gas and air mix better during combustion than oil and air, this system renders the use of propane for tobacco-curing more efficient.

Metered Transport Delivery

Commodity prices often fluctuate, challenging farmers and business owners. At Diversified Energy, we can you help manage the fluctuations by offering the option to buy propane gallons for future consumption at pre-determined price levels.

Over 800,000 farms use propane for their agricultural needs such as irrigation pumps, dryers, generators, and other farm equipment. The propane services offered by Diversified Energy keeps America running.

For our larger volume customers, we offer discounted pricing on our propane services available in both our southern and northern regions. Whether you need propane gas delivery for your house and barn heating needs, incinerators, generators, dryers, or fuel for your farm vehicles, we have a delivery option for you.

Our drivers and technicians are licensed and trained to assist with the services and equipment you need. We can also deliver propane to tanks you already own regardless of whether or not they were provided by Diversified Energy.

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