Diversified Energy - Propane Storage

Propane Safety is a Top Priority for Diversified Energy

The word ‘safe’ is typically associated with propane. And it IS safe as compared to other forms of gas, when handled properly. Propane safety is taken seriously by propane organizations, propane suppliers and retailers. The Propane Education & Research Council,... Read more

Diversified Energy - Save Money Propane

Propane Cost Savings, When to Buy

The cost savings of using propane to power your home is well-documented. Studies from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Propane Education & Research Council, for instance, demonstrate the cost savings of using propane-powered appliances such as heating systems,... Read more

how much propane to get

How Can I Tell How Much Propane I Need?

Ever thaw out some thick, juicy burgers or steak and intend to put them out on the grill for a mouth-watering meal, only to find that your tank has run out of propane? Now that’s disappointing! But, it could be... Read more

Diversified Energy - Propane Dryer

Propane Gas Clothes Dryers

You’ve got a propane tank for your outdoor grill. And if you have an alternative heat source, such as a gas stove, you likely power that with propane, too. But you can go all-in on propane and run your hot... Read more

Diversified Energy - Dunn, NC

What Can Propane Do For You?

The Diversity of Propane When you think propane, the first thing you most likely think is…outdoor grill. In fact, that might be the ONLY thing you associate propane gas with. Some folks might also think about gas fireplaces, and maybe... Read more

Diversified Energy - Meat Grill

Specialty Cookers, Fryers & Smokers

Grilling: The Next Level If you’re like two-thirds of the U.S. population, you have a grill on your patio, deck or any other outdoor space, and you love to fire it up for hamburgers, hot dogs, or steaks. Your grill... Read more

Diversified Energy - Dunn, NC

Propane Home Delivery

Rely on Propane? Rely on Diversified Energy! You’re environmentally-conscious. You know that propane gas is a clean and safe alternative to electric and natural gas. You use home propane for your heating and cooking needs. You power your stove, fireplace,... Read more

Diversified Energy New Design

Remodeling Your Home

From Design to Installation At Diversified Energy, we’re seasoned pros when it comes to gas system design and installation. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing one if you’re considering upgrading to propane for your energy needs... Read more

Diversified Energy - Propane Meat Grill

Best Meats to Grill on Your Propane Grill

Meet the Best Grilling Meats Did you know your propane grill is an equal opportunity griller? At least when it comes to meats, that is. Just about anything tastes great when it’s grilled. Steak…beef…chicken…pork. You name it, you can grill... Read more

Diversified Energy - Propane Cook Tops

Propane Gas Cooktops and Ovens – Benefits of Using Propane Gas

When you’re cooking on your outdoor grill, you’re most likely using propane gas. But move indoors and for most people, it’s electric or natural gas. Why? If propane is good enough for grilling out on your patio or deck, you... Read more