Make a Primo Grill a Part of your Lifestyle

Primo: The Best in Grilling No matter where you live in North Carolina, from the coast to the mountains, there’s going to be the smell of barbecue in the air. As one analyst said in a July 2016 Los Angeles... Read more

Green Mountain Grills – Say Hello to the Next Wave of Grilling

Welcome to the new generation of North Carolina outdoor grilling! If you live in the state, you know well that using your grill can be a nearly year-round thing. Propane grills are as North Carolinian as grits, sweet tea and... Read more

Take Your Barbecuing to a Whole New Level with Cajun Fryer

Who says you have to do all of your grilling on traditional charcoal or propane grills? Let’s face it, some foods are just not their best when prepared on a grill. Look at the sides that many North Carolinian’s like... Read more

Propane Council Funding Consumer Education

WASHINGTON (November 18, 2016) — The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), meeting this month in Naples, Fla., approved a $40.7 million budget for 2017 that will include the consumer education campaign, safety and training programs, the Partnership with States... Read more

Propane as a Green Energy

Propane has been a widely-used source of clean burning fuel for several decades. Recently there has been an increased interest in propane gas supplies as a result of a societal commitment to utilizing “green” energy sources with a lower environmental... Read more

What is Propane Gas?

Propane gas is a type of liquefied petroleum that is popularly used for home and grill heating, water heating, dryers, vehicles, appliances and many other residential and commercial purposes that require efficient or portable heat. It is sometimes referred to... Read more

What is a Gas Insert and How Does it Work with Propane?

Propane gas inserts are used to replace outdated, drafty, inefficient and often dangerous zero clearance or masonry fireplaces. Because they are powered by propane gas, they are easily controllable and far easier to operate and maintain than other fireplaces. If... Read more

Why is Propane Gas Used as Fuel?

As one of the most energy and cost-efficient and cleanest burning sources of fuel currently available, propane gas has been used for decades to power a wide range of different types of vehicles, residential and commercial appliances, fireplaces, water heaters,... Read more

How Does an Endless Water Heater Work?

Tankless water heaters seem almost magical sometimes, providing you with immediate and endless hot water and allowing you to use it even when water using appliances like the dishwasher or clothes washer are being run. However, the technology behind them... Read more

How Do Wood Pellet Fireplaces Work?

Wood pellet fireplaces offer an efficient way to heat a home using a renewable energy source. If you are looking for heat sources outside of propane fireplaces, wood pellet stoves maintain the look of traditional woodstoves, but operate more efficiently... Read more